7 Foods To Calm The Nervous System

By breathrevitalize

Anxiety, stress, depression – these are few of the mental issue prevalent nowadays. As per the report from WHO, 1 in 13 individual suffers from anxiety. Because of the alarming rise in mental illness, the World mental day is celebrated on 10th of October to create awareness about prevailing mental issues in the world.

“God may forgive your sins, but your mind won’t.”

With the fast-paced lifestyle, paying attention to delicate details such as our own mental and emotional well-being has become complicated and challenging. The external environment may have triggers that cause or aggravate anxiety and stress. While over thinking creates a lot of mental issues like stress and anxiety, the reason behind your agitated nervous system may also be in your diet.

The term mind diet is used to refer to the food that helps to promote healthier brain and calm nervous system. Any balance diet should include food that compliments healthier brain functions, just like it is essential to ensure healthier cardiovascular function. However, brain is just one part of the nervous system. The entire nervous system consists of delicate network of nerves and serves as the control center that commands your body. Therefore, calm nervous system is essential for proper body functions.

Below is the list of food items that are said to having calming affect on the nervous system:

1. Dark Chocolate For Blue Days

A study conducted in 2014 concluded that 40g dark chocolate relieved the stress of female students. For decades scientists have explored the possibility that cocoa creates mood changes. Dark chocolate is composed of flavonoids and a separate study proved that flavonoids help to control and mitigate neuroinflammation that is, it helps to calm the agitated nerves. It also helps to improve the blood supply to the brain. Flavonoids also help to lower the cell death in brain.

Dark chocolate also contains amino acid that enhances neurotransmitters that serve to boost the mood. These mood enhancing neurotransmitter are called serotonin which gets enhanced in body by substance called tryptophane. In addition to tryptophane, dark chocolate contains magnesium which is an essential nutrient of the body. Supplements of magnesium are used to combat depression; therefore, dark chocolate may also help to alleviate depression.

2. Green Tea

“There is no problem on the Earth that can’t be ameliorated by a hot bath and a cup of tea.”
~ Jasper Fforde

Green tea is good for fitness and health. Many people allegedly say that green tea helps to redress anxious thoughts. Green tea is composed of the amino acid, I-theanine. It also contains caffeine. Therefore, moderate consumption of green tea can help in relaxing and soothing the nervous system.


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