What To Have And Not To Have In Case of Fatty Liver

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When the liver is storing extra fat then a condition of fatty liver is established in the body. This means that 5 to 10% of the liver weight is due to the extra fat stored in it. Usually, there are no prominent symptoms to tell if the person is having a fatty liver. However, it is alarming because negligence toward having a fatty liver can cause other serious health issues over time. This condition starts with inflammation of the liver tissue. If unchecked and unattended, fatty liver can cause tissues to scar on the damaged liver which results in healthy tissue being replaced by scars. Once the healthy tissue is replaced the liver function is heavily affected. This produces problems in the overall body as well as emerging as organ damage.

These severities are to alarm you so that you take your fatty liver seriously. Once you are diagnosed with a fatty liver there is no need to panic. You can control your diet to improve the readings of the percentage of fat that is being stored in your liver. You need to first understand the role the liver plays in your body. In simple terms, the liver clears your body from toxins. It produces an enzyme called bile which is stored in a sac-like structure that is found in the liver called the gall bladder. This enzyme helps your body to break down complex fats into digestible fats. This critical function is slowed and eventually damaged if a lifestyle change is not implemented asap! A lifestyle change means you have to filter your routine and make room for a healthy diet and exercise. Here’s a list of food that you should eat and which you shouldn’t eat if you have fatty liver:

Foods To Have Or Not Have If You Have Fatty Liver

1-    Greens And Beans

Well, the importance of green leafy vegetables in our life cannot be emphasized enough. Green leafy vegetables are found helpful to prevent NAFLD by Proceedings of the National Science Academy. The nitrate and polyphenols found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach help a lot to lower the risk of getting NAFLD. Raw greens are used in this study which supports this finding therefore, for a good and healthy liver raw consumption of green leafy vegetables is effective. No wonder y’all fell for the mixing of salads by the Kardashians. Try to consume greens like them too!

On the other hand, beans, and legumes such as pulses, soybeans, and chickpea have been found to help reduce the risk of NAFLD as well as make liver health improve case you have NAFLD. Beans and legumes contain starch that helps to improve the health of the gut. Consuming lentils would help to maintain your blood sugar as well as control the formation of triglycerides in case you are obese. Who would have known that a cup of lentil soup is so yummy and so good for your body?

2-    White Meat

To reduce the inflammation of the liver because of NAFLD you should avoid red meat. Consuming fish in your diet is a recommended health choice. Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce the fat in your liver and boost levels of HDL cholesterol in your body. Gut bacteria stimulate inflammation in the liver which is blocked by HDL cholesterol.

3-    Oatmeal Over Pancakes And Bacon

High fiber content improves your gut as they lower the triglycerides in the body. Therefore, fiber-rich food items such as oatmeal help to make the body’s metabolism work smoothly and assist in conditions such as obesity and NAFLD.

4-    Water Over Alcohol

If you have fatty liver, then you must practice abstinence. Abstain from indulging in alcoholic drinks. You can treat yourself on weekend through a wholesome trip to any place, but the bar is not your friend if you have ARLD (alcohol-related liver disease)! Studies suggest that in the case of fatty liver, there is a possibility to reverse the damage to the liver tissue if a person refrains from alcohol. Results will be visible within two weeks.

5-    Curcumin For Healing

The two most prominent enzymes which are built up in the body when a person has fatty liver are:

  • ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase)
  • AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase)

Curcumin in turmeric helps to reduce the level of these two enzymes in the body therefore taking turmeric supplements may help you to heal the damage that occurred due to fatty liver! It may also assist in reducing the worsening of liver condition by controlling the production of these enzymes.

6-    Yes To Unsaturated Fat Intake

Once you have a fatty liver you need to be vigilant about the fats you are consuming. This means you should avoid the intake of cured meats, sausages, butter, etc. You should focus on consuming unsaturated fats. For example, replace your cooking oil with olive oil, consume avocadoes, replace dairy butter with nut butter, consume flower seeds like sunflower seeds, and have dark chocolate. The benefit of consuming unsaturated fats are many including having lower cholesterol levels and improved body hormones.

7-    Salt Is Not Bae

Well, fatty liver is a medical condition which you should worry about! Consuming too much salt is already injurious to health. If you have a fatty liver you should avoid taking too much salt in your food. Therefore, watch the salt consumption as it would also increase the risk of getting NAFLD.


Do not fear if you have a fatty liver but be alarmed! Maybe you have been neglecting your health or have an injurious lifestyle. Takeaways and food deliveries have made us lazy so we often have unhealthy food habits. Above is your guide on what to have and what not to have to improve the health of your liver and improve the fatty liver and restore its normal fat percentage!

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