15 Habits To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

By breathrevitalize

You probably know that your lungs enable you to breathe, bringing oxygen into your body and removing carbon dioxide. However, you might be less familiar with common habits and toxins that make it more difficult for them to do their job.

That includes irritants like smoke and viruses that cause respiratory conditions. Healthy lungs use mucus as a protective barrier, but when lungs are damaged, they can become clogged by thick and excessive mucus that’s difficult to remove.

Learn how to reduce inflammation and increase your lung capacity. Take a look at these practical suggestions for keeping your respiratory system in top shape.

Healthy Lung Habits for Your Body:

1. Quit smoking

Using tobacco narrows air passages and causes cancer. Keep trying until you quit for good. Nicotine replacement may help.

2. Work out.

Physical exercise conditions your lungs in addition to many other benefits. Your body develops the ability to use oxygen more efficiently.

3. Train your breath

Maximize your inhalations and exhalations. Yoga videos and books can teach you how to replace shallow chest breathing with more effective techniques reaching down into your diaphragm.


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