9 Foods For Immunity Boost

By breathrevitalize

Let's face it, we neglect our immunity and well-being and often take them for granted. Only in the wake of the pandemic did people become increasingly conscious about strengthening their immune system. If you easily fall prey to flu, cough, cold, and other infections it is time you start focusing on what is going inside your body! Of course, keep in mind that a balanced diet and exercise are the two secrets to having a strong and healthy system! Here are some foods that would increase your immunity, freshen your skin, and increase your cognition.

1-    Button Mushrooms

Did you know that the sun is not the only source of vitamin D? Button mushrooms are the natural source of vitamin D. Deficiency of vitamin D impacts your skeletal system as well as immunity. Vitamin D deficiency is also attributed to creating hypothyroidism. When you are catching classes all day long or sitting in your bougie office you might not be able to catch the sun rays and recharge your vitamin D levels. This may result in joint aches because calcium is not being absorbed in the body. It may also result in other health issues. Your savior is these button mushrooms! A delicious addition to your meals and a fruitful investment for your immunity boost!

2-    Citrusy Goodness

Citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C. If it is said that the C of Ascorbic Acid means Citrus fruits then it won’t be wrong because it is a great shield against the cold! Vitamin C helps your body by stimulating the production of the police cells that are white blood cells in your body. White blood cells fight infections and keep you from falling ill. Tangerines, grapefruit, and lemon are not only good for your weight loss diet they are the booster shot of immunity against cold and flu! Enjoy this factoid while squeezing lemon juice on your salad plate the next time!

3-    Popeye’s Favorite Spinach!

Did you see how the famous cartoon character Popeye used to get immediate strength and muscle after consuming the green, leafy spinach? That is because spinach contains Vitamins C. It is full of antioxidants which are helpful to prevent many diseases including cancerous growth in the body. If there’d be a red carpet for vegies spinach would steal the show because of its benefits for our health! Include spinach in your diet to boost your immunity.

4-    A For Almonds

To fulfill your body’s need for Vitamin E almonds are great. Vitamin E together with Vitamin C strengthens your immunity against cold and flu. While a fist full of nuts daily in your diet provides your body with healthy fats and nutrients, about 15 mg of almonds daily are going to give good fats and vitamin E to keep you healthy and strong. Because almonds are rich in vitamin E, they are considered one of the brain food. Vitamin E is known to improve one’s cognitive abilities.

5-    Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein. They are not just for people looking to gain some muscle. While different protein sources such as beans, meat, and supplements can help you too, consuming eggs in your diet can help you to strengthen your body against the vicious attack of bacteria and infections.

6-    The Lady In Red – Carrots!

Carrots are your best friend when it comes to deliciousness and health benefits. They improve your vision and strengthen your immunity because they contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A is anti-inflammatory which strengthens your muscles! Carrots are also very fibrous which helps to maintain your body’s sugar and keep a healthy gut. They are said to prevent a person from having diabetes. Carrots are all rounder because they help to strengthen your bones and teeth too! Carrots contain calcium as well as vitamin K! With all these nutrients research supports that carrot is a key player to enhance and strengthen immunity!

7-    An Apple A Day?

Another star of this article is APPLE. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is because apple is loaded with healthy nutrients. They help to reduce the risk of many critical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. They are rich in fiber and come in seven thousand and five hundred different forms! It is preferable to consume apples with peel if your goal is strong immunity as apple skin contains anti-inflammatory substances as well as phytochemicals which are important for a healthy and strong immune system.

8-    Broccoli

When we are talking about immunity-boosting foods then we can’t miss broccoli. You may or may not like it, but it is a superfood when it comes to nutrients. Well, not as super as carrots or apples but in the same line just a close runner-up! It contains a lot of fibers which is good for your tummy. It has potassium which is an important electrolyte for our body. And to top it all, they are full of proteins. We need proteins for the strengthening our muscles! So, do not ignore your broccoli from now on!

9-    Pineapple

Did you know that pineapple is also a great immunity booster? It contains bromelain which is needed by our body for healthy immunity. It prevents the clotting in vessels and also helps to keep the body from falling weak at the hands of infectious diseases! Pineapple on pizza is your preference but pineapple in your diet is a must for healthy immunity!


Watching what your intake is and exercising regularly to keep the body crisp and healthy should not be a choice but a must. It is a form of self-love that you should practice. Besides, with the eruption of pandemics and endemics, it is high time we pay heed to the need of keeping our immunity on point! Stay healthy and enjoy your life! Keep your plate a statement of your self-love!

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