4 Recent Studies on Calcium and Your Health

By breathrevitalize

2. Too Much Milk

A study from BMJ found that too much milk can be harmful. They found that adults who drink more than three cups of milk a day are actually increasing their risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers have found that drinking too much milk leads to oxidative stress in the body. This also increases the risk of cancer in adults.

3. Bone Health

Calcium is important for bone health, but it’s not the only mineral you need to stay healthy. Vitamin D is also important, and new studies show that it may actually be more essential.

  • Recent studies have shown that taking calcium supplements doesn’t seem to help all patients. In fact, the risk of fractures didn’t decrease for the entire group in the study.
  • A study, titled “Steingrimsdottir L. Relationship Between Serum Parathyroid Hormone Levels, Vitamin D Sufficiency, and Calcium Intake,” found that vitamin D is more important for bone health than calcium.
  • Researchers found that, with high levels of vitamin D, patients didn’t need high levels of calcium to be healthy.

4. Calcium Sources

What is the best way to get enough calcium into your daily diet? Researchers continue to debate and create confusion about this topic.

  • According to several studies, patients may not be able to absorb all of the calcium in a supplement. Experts suggest that patients use food as their source of calcium. However, this also creates questions about which food source is the most helpful.
  • For years, the dairy industry has touted milk and other dairy products as the best sources of calcium. However, patients with lactose-intolerance and dairy allergies have to turn to other sources.
  • You can also find calcium in salmon, collard greens, broccoli, kale, figs, oranges, white beans, okra, and soy products. Also, there are calcium-fortified foods such as granola, cereals, and other products.
  • It’s important to find a source of calcium that you enjoy eating frequently. Try different foods until you find your favorite calcium source. Experiment with new foods and ideas that will help you get this important mineral.

Calcium is an essential mineral, and it’s not easy to get enough. However, following the latest research will keep you abreast of expert recommendations. For your best results, ensure that you eat a variety of foods that have calcium each day.

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